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Latest Planning Applications...


PF/23/001 - Cookes Marsh Barn 

PF/23/0067 - 2 Zetland Cottages 

LA/23/0340 - The Old Manor House, High Street, Cley 

APP/Y2620/C/19/3236385 - Arcady - Planning Enforcement Public Hearing starting 10am Tuesday 24th running to Thursday 26th January at NNDC offices. 

PF/22/1843 West Cottage, New Road, Cley












Determined Planning Applications - Decision Notices 

PF/23/0304 - The Saltings  - APPROVED

NP/23/0374 - Green Farm, Bridgefoot Lane, Cley - REFUSED

PF/22/2344 The Sheilings Stable - APPROVED

LA/22/2727 The Old Stable, Old Hall Farm Barns- APPROVED

PF/22/3006 - Bird Cottage, Newgate Green  - APPROVED

PF/22/1779 Marsh Cottage, Newgate Green - APPROVED

PF/22/1779 Marsh Cottage, Newgate Green - APPROVED

PF/22/2045 The Gables, Church Lane - APPROVED

PF/22/2068 Larchmount - APPROVED

PF/22/1560 Hammer Hill, Bridgefoot Lane - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

PF/22/0429 Holly House  - APPROVED 

PF/22/0909 Larkoway, Holt Road - APPROVED

PF/22/1227 Swan Lodge -  APPROVED

PF/22/1488 Middle House -  APPROVED

PF/22/1535 Bean Cottage  - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

PF/22/1332 The Watch House  - APPROVED

PF/22/1174 Curlew Cottage  - APPROVED

PF/22/1152 Woodland View - APPROVED

PF/22/1091 Green Barn, Holt Road  - REFUSED

PF/22/0029 Lane House, Old Post Office Lane - APPROVED

PF/22/0009 Barn at the Cottage, Dawes Loke APPROVED

PF/21/3386 - Three Swallows, Newgate Green APPROVED

PF/21/3398 & la/21/3399 - Church Barn, 3 Newgate Farm Barns APPROVED

RV/21/2583 - Arcady, Holt Road, Cley REFUSED

RV/21/2765- The Flat, Old Rectory Farm (removal of condition) APPROVED

PF/21/2690 - Droxford, Holt Road, Cley  APPROVED

PF/21/2536 - Old Rectory Farm, Holt Road, Cley  APPROVED

PF/21/2188 - Land at Cooks Marsh, Holt Road, Cley  - WITHDRAWN

PF/21/2342 - Middle House, Holt Road, Cley  APPROVED

PF/21/2401 - Clare Cottage, Hilltop, Cley  APPROVED 

PF/21/2759 Rectory Hill Barns, Cley   APPROVED

NNDC Planning Website 

For the latest updates on the above planning applications, including decision notices please the North Norfolk District Council website below; ​

NNDC Local Plan 

Information on North Norfolk District Council's Emerging Local Plan can be viewed here; 

NNDC Reg 19 Consultation Emerging Local Plan 

Cley Parish Council have two adopted policies which may be relevant to planning matters;

Cley's Code of Construction Practice

Cley's Dark Skies Policy 

Cley is in a Conservation area and an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the NNDC Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan can be viewed below; 

NNDC Conservation Plan - Cley 

Cley Parish Council Planning Policies

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